Technology Value Investing

Emancipation Capital focuses on the technology sector and uses a value bias to find investment candidates. With our unique approach, our portfolio is differentiated from and has low correlation to other tech-centric funds. We perform bottom-up fundamental analysis with recurring revenues being the focal point.  We  apply a disciplined valuation methodology to identify both long and short investments. We use activism as a tool when opportune and will engage with company Boards directly.  We have successfully used a series of co-investment vehicles in conjunction with our Master Fund to target specific opportunities. This strategy enhances our economic leverage and influence, while protecting position limits and enhancing returns in the Master fund.

The Fund is focused on finding inefficiencies among stocks of companies that possess the following attributes:

  • Deep relative valuation
  • Attractive enterprise value/recurring revenue/cash flow
  • Strong and liquid balance sheets
  • Growing and/or consolidating sectors
  • Highly concentrated and restless shareholder base
  • Identifiable change agents (including Emancipation becoming activist)